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Olympia Ridge Financial Launch

Cost: $1,000.00 – $10,000.00 depending on complexity (50% upfront, 50% when plan is delivered)

This plan will touch all aspects of financial planning. Once the plan is completed we will sit down with you to review the plan, make suggestions and recommendations, and refer strategic resources that you can use to implement your plan. This comes with access to our firm for one year from the time your plan is reviewed with you. During this time you may ask us for help with implementation of any recommendations we have made to you or any other follow up questions you have.

Value: This one time comprehensive financial plan is for people who like to do their own financial planning but may not have expertise in certain areas of financial planning or would like to see what they could be doing differently. We recommend to most clients that engage us in this manner to update their plan at least every 5 years or if there is a change in their families situation (newborn, new job, etc).

What is included?

  • Initial phone call / video conference to discuss your situation, and what you would like from the engagement
  • A written Comprehensive Financial plan that will outline the status quo, goals, objectives, recommendations. In addition we will walk you through how and where to open investment accounts, obtain insurance, or find an estate planning attorney or tax preparer if those services are needed.
  • A review call / video conference to discuss your overall plan and to address any questions or concerns
  • One year access to ask questions, etc.

Olympia Ridge Core Retainer

Retainer Levels: $1,200/year – $15,000/year

Monthly Payment or Quarterly Payment (5% discount) available

The retainer is most appropriate for clients who prefer to have an ongoing holistic financial planning relationship. On-going retainers will start with “get to know you better” call/conference/meeting to get a clearer understanding of what your goals and dreams are for your life and what role your finances play. We will also discuss your “history with money” and how you feel about money in general. We will discuss your family, how you live your life now, and your hobbies and interests. We will then chat about what you feel your most pressing financial concerns are today.

At that point we will then begin the development of your plan addressing the most pressing concerns first typically working on one to three topics at a time. During the course of our relationship we will dive into topics such as Cash Flow Design, Role of Credit, Investments, Taxes, Insurance, Estate Planning, Education Funding, and Retirement.

The on-going retainer is meant to be more of a lifetime process than a one-time event. Our annual fee retainer allows you to call us or make an appointment to see us at any time during the year, in addition to your regularly scheduled appointments, without an extra charge. This gives clients the peace of mind to know that we are always within reach.

Project Retainer

(Cost: Starting at $150/hour)

Some clients just want us to look into a specific topic for them such as education funding or tax efficient investment portfolio construction. For these types of engagements we charge an hourly fee. If a client wants to look at this type of engagement we recommend a no charge 30 minute phone discussion to get a feel for the type of work that will need to be done. Clients who opt for this option will pay 2 hours up front with the remainder due at the time of deliverables.


We Are Here To Serve You

At Olympia Ridge we are dedicated to helping clients marry together their goals for their life and their finances. This is the basis for functional financial planning. We believe that financial planning should function within a client’s lifestyle and their stage in life (lifecycle), taking into account the client’s goals and objectives, not what the popular opinion is. This does not mean we focus just on accumulating wealth, but how to build wealth while using your wealth to enjoy your life. This is achieved by both educating and collaborating with clients, not dictating how a client should take action.

At Olympia Ridge will integrate all of the financial aspects of your life together. Your taxes will be integrated with your investment strategy so one part of your plan does not destabilize the other. We coordinate your insurance needs with your estate plan, review your employee benefits, and design cash flow strategies so you will not have to worry about “where the money will come from”. We also make sure your home and mortgage (probably the largest individual investment / debt you have) are not a burden for you to reach your goals.

To provide holistic financial planning services that will allow our clients lives to better function with their finances. This will be achieved by further educating our firm as well as clients in both basic and advanced financial planning principals as well as new ideas and practices. Provide on time and high level results for both advisory as well as consulting clients.